Another major planning application submitted

We are thrilled to announce the submission of a major new motorway service area located in a district of North Yorkshire on the A1(M).

This application is the second consecutive project for a new MSA submitted within the space of a month serving the same stretch of motorway.

A similar design methodology

The application site is currently used as open pasture land and it’s size, setting and proximity to the adjacent motorway will be attractive to users of the A1(M) passing by on longer journeys to and from locations elsewhere in the UK. The location is a greenfield site and the challenge is for the architecture of the site to sit harmoniously within the context of its rural setting with a seamless blend of materials and soft landscaping to reflect the local vernacular.

Utilising the sloping site within the architecture

The design has been carefully considered so as not to intrude on its neighbours. The slope to the site has provided a natural mound to gently insert part of the building into. The surrounding landscape is then used to continue its undulating form over the top of the building through the use of a green ‘sedum’ roof to help integrate the building into its natural landscape.

The stepped terrace car park including trees and grass verges have also been carefully considered to further reiterate and integrate the scheme into the undulating landscape within which it is set. We have worked particularly hard with the landscape architects to provide a scheme that is integral with the proposed architecture  which in turn will perform the simultaneous role of visual mitigation and a natural buffer to elements such as wind through the site to provide as much of a relaxing environment as possible to the traveller.

Local vernacular

The aesthetic qualities of the scheme are derived from the local vernacular of the region of North Yokshire. The architecture, design and use of materials has been conceived to integrate within the context of the site in which it is located and also forming part of the expanding local fabric. The amenity building is two storeys in height with an external delivery yard to the rear and is partially embedded into the existing contours of the site with a swathe of green ‘sedum’ roof as a continuation of the natural rural landscape in which it sits.

An exposed aggregate concrete screen wall curves and cuts through the building and landscape running from north to west to south east creating a defined barrier for the landscape above and allowing the main building to project beyond it below. The screen wall is perforated in various locations to allow access through and into delivery yard and main building and terminating in the ornamental lake to the west.