Working on a listed building

James Carney Architects were appointed to produce a set of tender drawings and building regulations application for a beautiful listed stable block in Hildenborough, Kent.

The existing family home was a single storey, converted stable block previously part of the adjacent school grounds. The brief included a single storey extension to the rear and a  re-configuration of the existing roof/s to incorporate a partial first floor level to include an additional bedroom and en-suite.

Utilising our drone to survey the roof

Due to the complexity of the roof reconfiguration we decided to use our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or drone as it is more commonly known, to take some aerial photographs of the stable block and adjacent buildings to gain a better understanding of the existing roof plan. With the added bonus that these photographs were extremely well received by our client!

Before we even started the drawing process the photographs and initial site surveys allowed us to produce a simple 3D model to help explain to our client the works involved to the existing roof and how the new extension and roof would tie into the existing dwelling.

The combination of both of these tools/techniques helped us demonstrate the essence of the scheme in a very short time frame and in a format and presentation that was instantly understandable where sometime plans, sections and elevations don’t.

Listen, design, inspire

The dialogue between architect and client remained open and fluid throughout with some fairly major changes incorporated from the initial planning drawings (by others) which reduced the build cost considerably whilst sticking to the client brief. This project was a great example of the practice philosophy and approach.

With a contractor appointed the project is due to commence on site at the beginning of July.


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