Keeping our Streets Clean: A community initiative

05 June 2019
keeping our streets clean local cubs and scouts

Community Spirit.

At JCA we are passionate about the world we live in and especially our local communities and environment in which we dwell, work and raise our children.

We are always on the lookout for great local initiatives that work towards this sense of community and a collective spirit that enhances our daily lives and the place we call home. Therefore, we were extremely intrigued when our daughter returned home from the local scout group one night informing us that she had helped the beavers fill empty plastic bottles with dog poop bags and had walked the local streets affixing them to lamp posts and street lights.

The Local Scout Group Initiative

Upon further investigation it turned out that our local community Sutton-at-Hone Scout Group had come up with the initiative to leave recycled plastic bottles fixed to lampposts etc around our local village streets filled with free dog poop bags to help clean up our streets. It also encouraged dog walkers to help maintain these ‘poop bag stations’ with donations when passing.  We loved the idea so much that we donated some biodegradable bags to the Scout Group to help them with this initiative.

Being located within a 100m walk of the fields and countryside, we were thrilled to have received our very own bottle from the Scout group which we have adopted as our own and keep topped up on a regular basis for all the local dog walkers.

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