Designing to brickwork dimensions

Scope of brickwork blog Not the most eye-catching of blog subjects but nevertheless a very handy one to know as an architect whether it be surveying, designing or setting out your brick inspired building! The successful design and construction of brickwork does require the designer to consider the material when setting out in both plan […]

The back garden studio

Confession of an architect. My name is James, I am an architect and I didn’t design my garden studio……..   Confession complete.   I would dearly have loved to have designed and built my own new architectural studio in my garden but I simply didn’t have enough time to do so. Therefore, I opted for […]

Moving out and moving on

Far from comfortable. Following the departure of my two fellow directors in 2017 and the shredding of 1 tonne of old files and drawings from previous years, I was left all alone rattling around in a large 1000 sq/ft office space in the leafy green, purpose built Span village of New Ash Green, Kent. This […]